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For Sale By Owner + MLS

$99 For A 6 month Listing

Get listed on the MLS + 152 Other real estate sites. Keep your home For Sale By Owner!

Only $99

Time Period: 6 Months

Listed On: Over 152 Websites + BrightMLS

Buyers Commission: You Choose!


Photos Included: 60

Cancel Anytime: You may cancel anytime! No Charge

Do it yourself, get maximum exposure!

All showings, negotiations, contracts, etc are handled by YOU! Keep your house for sale by owner, and get the maximum exposure of the MLS

How it Works

How the for sale by owner model works

How it works: We advertise your property for you. Your listing appears EVERYWHERE a traditional broker advertises. Including the MLS! You get showing requests. You receive offers, and sell your house.

How much can you expect to save with Lets looks at an example:


Sale Price: $250,000

Listing Side Commission: 3% or $7,500

Buyers Side Commission: 3% or $7,500

Your net: $235,000

The For Sale By Owner Model

Sale Price: $250,000

Closing Fee: $99 up front

Buyers Side Commission: You choose! Typically 3% ($7,500)

Your NET: $242,401 ($7,401) SAVINGS!

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